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Adopting a Second-Hand Bird ? Some questions to ask....

1. History of the Bird
2. What is the origin of the bird
3. Is there a hatch date
4. What is the age of the bird
5. What age was the bird weaned when it was weaned
6. Was the bird abundant weaned or force weaned
7. Was the bird offered hand feedings
8. has the bird been offered all kinds of foods.
9. What kind of conditions was the bird living in
10. What was the bird's cage size
11. What was the cleanliness of the bird's surroundings
12. Did the bird have out of cage time
13. Did the bird have time with the primary care taker or the
bird's favorite person
14. Are there any behavior problems such as screaming,
featherpicking, biting, etc.
15. Has the bird been taught to "step up"
16. Will the bird step up on a hand perch
17. Does the bird have special needs
18. What is the name of the bird's veterinarian & may I contact
19. Are there Medical Records & may I have a copy of them
20. Is there a warranty if the bird is not healthy
21. Is the bird flighted
22. Has the bird ever learned to fly
23. May I visit the bird to establish a relationship
24. Does the bird like you
25. Do you like the bird
26. Who are the former owners & may I contact them
27. Has the bird had more than one owner
28. Did the bird come from a family with young children or older
29. If the bird came from a single person or a couple, what was
the approx. age of that person or couple.
30. Why is the bird being given up
31. What is the bird's diet
32. What is the bird's favorite food or treat
33. Does the cage, toys & pellets, seeds or info about type of
diet currently being fed come with the bird
34. What kind of housing is provided for the bird
35. What are the bird's favorite toys
36. What are the bird's favorite games
37. What vocabulary does the bird have, if any
38. How does the bird interact with humans…..male, female,
children, strangers
39. Has the bird been around other types of animals, if so, what
type of animals & what was the bird's reaction to these animals

Love, Peace, Wealth, Health & Happiness,

Debra, Bob & Our Beloved Critters