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Galerita Galerita Cockatoo
(Cacatua Galerita)


Length: 20 inches (average)
Weight: 950 grams average

The Crown-Gem of the cockatoo family. The largest and most spectacular of the cockatoos is the Galerita. Some evidence exists that this is the most intelligent of the cockatoos in terms of problem solving and in communicating what they want to their human owner and this cockatoo is not for a novice with birds. This cockatoo loves to entertain and be the center of attention. Galerita's are said to be regal and magnificent. They are considered to be a sulphur-crested cockatoo. This is a very loud cockatoo when it screams. The Galerita loves to be cuddled and scratched on its owner's lap and many are never still for very long as there are toys to play with and things to do that requires their attention elsewhere than their owner's lap.

Nearly 100 percent of the Galerita's talk, and they are considered the best talkers of all the cockatoos by many, and their life expectancy is the longest of all the cockatoos at about 120 years. They are friendly,
intelligent and willing to do tricks. They are often used in bird shows and are the most easily trained to tricks many say. Some Galeritas love children and owners enjoy using this bird to teach children about parrots although caution is urged to not leave the bird unattended with a child for the safety of both.

Their temperament can change suddenly and with little warning. It is also observed that many have extremely demanding natures. Owners observe their body language and let the bird alone when it becomes over-excited.

They form deep bonds with their owners and make excellent pets in a home that can accommodate their need for spacious quarters, need to scream and need to tear up and chew up toys. Their favorite toys are ones they can tear apart to see how they work. They will often become the dominant character in a household.

These cockatoos are not a phobic bird and they do not scare or become intimidated very fast. They are self-confident and usually easy-going in manner. They need a very large play area and do not usually remain in one area very long. You must watch them to keep them and your items from harm.

Galerita's are highly social and need toys and wood if left alone in the
day. They are not escape artists but they do try to find out how it all
works. They like to unscrew items and examine the contents and take apart items like remote controls and telephones, so keep them out of a cockatoo's way.

Male and female comparisons will be developed as more galerita owners report.

Written by Linda Middleton